Stay Strong, UT

Today, I’d like to take a break from writing about my life in Copenhagen and refocus my attention on the community that gave me this amazing opportunity in the first place. In light of the recent Haruka Weiser tragedy, my heart goes out to Haruka’s family and friends. Though I am always hesitant to speak for anyone other than myself, I think I can safely say that all of our Longhorns abroad wish that, at a moment like this, we could be with our community at home – to support each other in a time where it feels as if our home has been violated and our family attacked.

Though I am first and foremost a McCombs student, the Theatre and Dance department is very close to my heart and the T&D community has been my family, my work, my many tired nights, and often times, my inspiration. The T&D community is a group of resilient, brilliant, and bright young people who love art more than air. It is the artists like Haruka that know the passion of art and have what I believe is a deeper understanding of the power of human love and emotion. I hope you all are doing okay, I love you,  I miss you, and I wish I could be there to hold your hands.

It is difficult for many of us to comprehend that a bright young woman, younger than many of us, would have all the adventures ahead of her taken away. It has made me more grateful, more humble, and more conscious of every opportunity I have been given. My experience abroad has only reinforced my belief that humans are kind, loving, and compassionate, and despite everything, I still believe this. Rest in peace, Haruka. Your Longhorn family overseas sends our thoughts to you, your family, and everybody back at home.


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