Je suis Paris | VLOG

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Golbou and I’m a third year Finance major currently studying abroad in Paris, France. Whether you’re reading this as a McCombs student, someone curious about studying abroad, or someone who just loves to travel, I urge you this: if the opportunity is available to you to study abroad… TAKE IT.

You need not to spend more than a week abroad to understand that there’s more to studying abroad than just studying. Within the first few days, you shake hands with, kiss cheeks, and accept friend requests from over a hundred unique individuals. As a friend of mine jokes, it’s not about the stamps in your passport as much as it’s about the experience you have.

This past week I spent eleven days traveling by bus, train, and budget airlines across the French Riviera and finally to Barcelona, Spain. While I can recount my journeys and tell you about all the beautiful views I saw, food I devoured, and fruitful trips to Zara I made, I rather take you there through film. I travelled with some of my closest friends that I’ve made abroad, including students from Texas, California, Michigan, and Australia.

I recorded every day of my journey in chronological order. I hope this inspires you, my readers, to view your every day adventures in a different light and open your mind to new opportunities.


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