And the Travels have Begun

Time flies in this city! One month later, and I feel like so much has happened:

  • Finalized my schedule (only Mon. and Tues. classes)
  • Explored Singapore from the Zoo to Marina Bay
  • Had my first test
  • Took a trip to Malaysia
  • Had an extended 9 day vacation in Thailand
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year with the Exchange Family

In just a short month, I feel like this really is my new home away from home. Not only have I begun to understand how to study for the tests here, I am lucky enough to have group projects with locals as well as exchange students. Who knew working with people across the world really does open your eyes to new ways of doing things. I have a group project with mostly Europeans, and we think somewhat the same, but definitely work a little differently in the sense that they like to split the work and then stay with each other for the next few hours and make sure everything gets done. I’m used to getting my chunk of the load and working in a quite place by myself. Nonetheless, it’s been interesting working in a new environment.

Now that my academic note is over, Singapore as a tourist has also been great! The Zoo is unbelievable and Marina Bay is just something else. Not only does Singapore have a great financial district, but they know how to entertain the visitors with amazing malls, light shows, water shows, and great architecture.

Now Thailand was a whole other beast on it’s own. Wow. We first stopped at Chiang Mai where we saw some of the most beautiful and old temples, and ate great mango sticky rice. We then went to Kanchanaburi where we saw the seven waterfalls and had our feet cleaned by little fish that eat your dead skin. It was quite a hike, but having a free spa day made it a little more worth it! Finally, we headed off to Bangkok. We saw the Grand Palace, night markets, the Old Capitol, flower market, and had the best pad thai in all of Thailand! Lots of adventures in a short time, but worth the sleepless night and hectic Tuk-tuk rides. Instead of writing more on the adventure, if a picture is worth one thousand words, here are a few so you can see first hand how crazy this first month has already been! (Next time I’ll blog more often so you’re not spammed with pictures!)


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