Boller i Karry

You know when it’s the middle of holiday and everything you’ve done kind of blurs together and you can’t remember what day it is anymore? That’s been the past three weeks here. The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has kept its students busy with social activities everyday, and the group of Aussies I’ve befriended from the University of Copenhagen (KU) has kept me even busier.

I can no longer discern what day it was we went Danish folk dancing or the number of times my friends and I have given up battling the cold to sit in a warm café somewhere. For the record, Danish folk dancing is remarkably like Texas Two Step with less arm linking and more giant circles and uncomfortable smiling. Luckily, balancing Danish culture with the activities that remind me of home has been relatively easy.

My Buddy (who I’ve mentioned before), Linea, and I cooked a traditional Danish dish called “boller i karry,” or simply “meatballs and curry.” I know it doesn’t sound very Danish, does it? The Danes seem to have a fondness for cooking a meal together with friends and relaxing in someone’s home. The activities revolve around “hygge,” a concept of coziness and comfort in Danish culture. Whether this is playing board games with your friends or laughing at Danish X-Factor, the atmosphere is constantly relaxed, easy, and a bit quieter than its American counterpart of “hanging out.”

Danish culture has been strangely comfortable for me, and I’ve had a lot of fun these past few weeks exploring Copenhagen. Even school is a bit more fun because it’s different than what I’m used to, but I’ll talk about school in a different post because oh yeah, I started school. I think sometimes, exchange students forget we are here for school, so I will talk about courses at CBS soon. Promise.

Hooking ‘em all the way from Scandinavia, and I hope y’all are enjoying those 75-degree afternoons Austin has been having. I’m horribly jealous.


P.S. Last Friday, I forgot to plug my earbuds into my phone and I was wondering why my music wasn’t playing until I realized everyone standing at the bus stop could hear my Big Sean playlist but me. It was a great start to my second day of school.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Yayoi Kusama Exhibit
Folk Dancing
Danish Folk Dancing Night (It was also Australia Day)
Smørrebrød (Open Sandwich)
Group Picture
When your friends like to take group photos like embarrassing tourists in Central Copenhagen. Even though we are embarrassing tourists.
Cold, grey, and pretty in its own way
Superbowl Sunday
Superbowl Sunday – The café served Doritos and Budweiser and I finally understood how the rest of the world views American football culture.




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