First Impressions

The first thing I noticed stepping off the plane was how tiny I felt. Everyone here is a giant. With everyone towering over my what should be average 5’5”, I found myself conversing with the locals with my neck tilted up at a 45-degree angle. However, the incredible willingness to make me feel welcome has overshadowed the embarrassment I feel with everyone looking (literally) down at me 24/7. My Buddy, a Copenhagen Business School student that signed up to pick me up from the airport and basically, hang out with me was incredibly sweet, a fantastic cook, and incredibly adamant about me reading the Danish questions off a Danish trivia game so I could learn faster.

The second thing I noticed stepping off the plane was how tiny Copenhagen felt. Sure, the streets are incredibly busy with pedestrians, impatient bicyclers, and cars that seem to be on the verge of hydroplaning at any moment, but the city itself was surprisingly smaller than I had imagined. When I told Linea (my Buddy) that I would be walking from my apartment to the place that she was hosting dinner at, she insisted it was too far. The walk was 1 mile. 1 mile! That is the distance from 28th/Guadalupe to McCombs. Walking distance must be relative to culture.

The third thing I noticed was how easy it was to fit in here. I live in Nørrebro, the international neighborhood in Copenhagen. The girl that worked at the 7/11 was the nicest human being and walked Harry (yes, shout out to Harrison from McCombs you all know who he is) and I through the process of getting a transport pass. My neighbor, Brian, is an ecstatic New Yorker that is so outgoing that I’m not quite sure how he remembers the names of everyone he meets. Our social event, planned by our school, was hosted at a cozy little bar in Central Copenhagen for all exchange students. I met a lovely pair of students from Taiwan that immediately asked what the gun laws in Texas were. I met a wonderful group of Danish students that immediately wanted to discuss the difference in gun laws between Texas and Denmark. Are you seeing a pattern here? I’ve discovered the best course of action is to say I’m from the USA, rather than Texas if I want to avoid the topic of firearms.

I hope you are all having fun in the 512. Send love to the family statue for me and enjoy your MLK holiday before syllabus week starts!

Nørrebro Apartment View
The good news is that the view is gorgeous with all of the pristine snow. The bad news is that the deck looks right into the two giant windows to my room.
Copenhagen Residences
Across the courtyard (what is behind me while I was taking this picture) is one of our campus buildings.



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