One Week In

It’s been exactly one week, four days, and a handful of hours since I arrived in hot and humid Singapore. In one week back home, I could probably binge watch a show on Netflix, workout a little, and have about 20 bowls of cereal; uneventful right? Here though – that’s a whole different story. From the moment I arrived, it’s been non-stop.

First stop: Registering for classes and trying to solidify housing. Yep, you heard me… I did not have housing coming into Singapore. I was supposed to hear during my flight, but it never happened. That’s okay, because this optimistic girl knew that with a smile and southern hospitality, anything is possible. Three hours later, and I got a room in one of the best dorms on campus, thanks Texas for teaching me right!

Second stop: Garden by the Bay. WOW. I stepped onto the set of Avatar, and never took so many photos before. The views, the trees, the animals, the heat, all of it was incredible – even the heat from this Texan. For 5SGD, we were able to walk a bridge from one artificial tree to another, which I would definitely suggest. Going with other exchangers that I met within the last 24 hours as well made the entire experience amazing.

Third stop: Little India and Chinatown. So much food, so much shopping, and so many people – that just about describes these places. Going with friends though and making a day of it made it even more fun. Going on a Sunday? Definitely would not suggest it though as almost everyone in Singapore flocked to these areas.

In one week, I’ve ridden the cleanest subway in the world dozens of times, had every type of noodle imaginable, met and now bonded with people from all but two continents, and have even gone to class. This place is amazing and incredibly clean. A weird characteristic to notice, but once you get here, it definitely catches your eye. The following are some photos from our adventures as an “Exchange Family.” More to come, and will tell you more about what it’s like having two days of classes and five days of pure adventures!


Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Gang
Exchange Student Function with a mascot almost as good as Bevo
Garden by the Bay AKA Avatar

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