My flight to the other side of the world was fairly uneventful: A few movies and a lot of sleep. Sure, I was excited, but I did not really know what to expect. I had never been to East Asia before. Since landing at Hong Kong International Airport, I am absolutely sure of one thing. THIS ROCKS!!!

I hardly can put to words all that has occurred in just a mere week. Here’s a quick look at what “studying abroad in Hong Kong” looks like. I have had more noodles and rice than I could imagine. I have met people from all over the world. I have explained how cowboy boots and two stepping is actually a thing. I played charades in a department store to find the umbrellas. I have used public transportation billions of times and hiked the countryside with other exchange students. And finally, I bet on horse 4 and won $120 HKG. If the next 3 months are at all like this, I will be quite pleased! Except for no Dr. Pepper. We need to tell the UT alum at Dr. Pepper that global expansion could be a good idea.

Oh and my roommate is a local. His name is Flippy. Total bro. Also, there are classes.

Stay tuned for a video. For the meantime, here are few pictures!


Hook ‘em

Bryson Hearne


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