University of Otago

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone’s first month of classes at UT are going well! I have two more weeks of classes and then finals begin. It is crazy how fast the semester went by. It is still quite cold in Dunedin. Word of advice, if you are a winter wimp like me definitely plan on coming to New Zealand during UT Spring semester! I have also heard from students that the Orientation week they have here during February is a lot of fun and a great way to get to meet a lot of people. If you do plan on visiting in the Fall I recommend getting involved in the student organizations. Like UT, they have many different kinds. I joined the Snow Sports Club ( and no you don’t have to be an extreme snow sports person to join) and they plan many school ski trips (about every 2 weeks). I went on one trip in July and it was a lot of fun. You get to meet a lot of Otago students and they are very friendly. Best part is that because you are a university student you get discounted ski rental gear and ski passes so it is a lot cheaper to go with the university. Here are some pictures from that trip and also from my spring break travels. Enjoy!
University Ski Trip to Cardrona:
IMG_8833 IMG_8874 IMG_8882 IMG_8888
Spring Break:  Hook ’em from Auckland Bridge Bungy!
IMG_9612 IMG_9615
Hook ’em from Hobbiton/ The Shire
If you are a Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit fan, I definitely recommend making a trip to Hobbiton. It is in Matamata, New Zealand about a 4 hour drive from Auckland. The movie set is amazing and so detailed. I thought there would only be a couple hobbit holes but there are actually over 35.
IMG_9795 IMG_9799 IMG_9736 IMG_9738
Piha Beach:
This is a black sand beach about 2 hours away from Auckland.
IMG_9567 IMG_9897 IMG_9911

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