Tusen Takk, Oslo

The phrase “tusen takk” is Norwegian for “thank you”, and is about the extent of my knowledge of the Norwegian language. I am thankful for the opportunity to study abroad at BI Norwegian School of Business in Oslo, Norway. At BI, I met amazing people, learned interesting business concepts, and immersed myself in a unique culture. BI is an amazing school with a highly engaging summer program. I recommend it for anyone who wants to do life in Europe and meet people from all over the globe. It is hard for me to beleive the program is coming to a close.

So now what? Here are a few “pointers” I can lend at the end of my study abroad program. I advise researching the city/country you will be studying in before arriving, but along the way you pick up more and more info about it. After being in Oslo a couple of weeks, I had received some local recommendations of where to go to hang/eat/etc. The last two weeks of my program, I made sure to hit all the places I hadn’t yet been to in Oslo. The local’s recommendations were way better than what any tourist packet could recommend. Explore the city you are studying in and take the locals advice.

My next pointer is a no-brainer: take a lot of pictures. This comes naturally for me (and a lot of people this generation), but it is a great way to capture awesome moments and remember your trip. When you get home, upload your pictures to Facebook and relive all the memories with your friends. Pictures are fun, so splurge and buy the 64 GB iPhone and take as many pics as you want!

My last pointer is to take advantage of the location of your program. In my case, I was in Europe, so I visited a couple more cities after I finished my program. After Oslo, I am headed South, where everything got warmer and cheaper. By visiting more countries/cities, I was able to experience even more culture, history, and food.

Hope these end-of-program-pointers helped out! If you have any questions about my experience in Oslo or post-Oslo travels, leave a comment and I will try to get back to you.

God Bless and Hook ‘Em!

Tim N.

Horns up at the Berlin WallBerlin

Praguewhat a viewCopenhagendeep in the streets


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