Excursion to the Philippines!

On July 25th, I left Hong Kong for two weeks to travel to Boracay, a beautiful beach resort island in the Philippines, and Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai). My trip was nothing short of amazing. Here are some pictures detailing my journey.


View from the plane as I arrived into Manila International Airport. I really didn’t appreciate how good we had it in America until I saw the quality of the airport. Security was sub-par (definitely wouldn’t meet TSA standards), the airport was clearly run down/old, and one of the guards tried to sell my friend a sim card.


From Manila, I flew in to Kalibo (the closest airport to Boracay) after an hour delay. Julien and I met up with Enrico and Loustan, the people we were travelling with, because they were on a different flight. We were all pretty exhausted at this point and wanted to get to our hostel ASAP. Unfortunately, we had a long journey ahead of us. From Kalibo, we had to take a 1 hour taxi to Caticlan. From Caticlan, we would then be able to take a ferry across the sea to the Boracay Island.


Here’s a picture of the ferry we took.


Margherita pizza – dinner after we finally got to Boracay.


The next day, we spent some time on the beaches before heading out on a 6 hr boat tour. The water and sand quality were unreal.

20150726_122505 20150726_122858(0) 20150726_135539 20150726_135643 20150726_140154

Here are some pictures from the boat tour!

20150727_101247 20150727_101612 20150728_173249 20150728_182056 20150728_182306 20150728_210422

The next day we did some parasailing and fly fishing followed by watching the sunset on the beach and eating dinner. The beach seems to get even more beautiful at dusk.

Loustan and I on one side of the table and Julien and Enrico on the other

20150729_160453 20150729_160911 20150729_161252 20150729_233002

The following day we rode ATVs up the mountain to get to an absolutely stunning view of the entire island. Finished up the night with another delicious dinner 🙂

Finally the day came when we had to say our goodbyes to Boracay. The five days I spent on the island were filled with fun new experiences with a great group of friends. Needless to say, I was exhausted and sun burnt by the end of my trip to the Philippines and was ready to go back to Hong Kong. Too bad (JK!) I had planned a trip to Thailand following the Philippines with another group of friends. After I said my goodbyes and good wishes to Enrico, Loustan, and Julien. I started from journey from Kalibo to Kuala Lumpur (layover) to Bangkok. I’ve decided to make a separate blog post about Thailand just to keep this one short and sweet! Stay tuned!


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