Hong Kong: My Top Ten (so far)

June 30th marks the 14th day I’ve arrived in the bustling, energetic, historic, cultural, and beautiful Hong Kong. In order to paint a picture of what I have done these past two weeks, I’ve decided to make a top ten list (in no particular order).

1. Spent a day on Lantau Island visiting the Big Buddha, eating an amazing vegetarian lunch at a local Buddhist monastery, and riding a boat at the Tai O fishing village.

20150627_130046 20150627_11330620150627_153653

2. Experienced the Dragon Boat Festival in Sai Kung


3. Overlooked the Hong Kong skyline from Victoria Harbour (Avenue of Stars)


4. Waited over an hour for food at the Hang Hau MTR station mall (definitely worth the wait)


5. Visited and (haggled) at the Temple Street Night Market (if you need some tips let me know)


6. Rode an extremely crowded Hong Kong MTR (Subway) to Tsim Sha Tsui (if you need to get anywhere, this is how)


7. Ate at the campus McDonalds in order to satisfy a week-long crave for French Fries


8. Woke up for a 5 am sunrise from my dorm’s balcony


9. Ate the best Chinese food I’ve ever tasted in a small shop at the Ladies’ market


10. Celebrated a friend’s birthday at the amazing Honeymoon Dessert in Mong Kok mall


Can’t wait for what’s next!


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