Made it to Singapore-Brandon Tahamtan

Hello fellow Longhorns,

Made it to Singapore the morning of the 9th at about 2am. The 27 hour flight was really long, but uneventful. My recommendation for future study abroad students is to choose an aisle seat. It allows you to stretch your feet and is also a good location to be if you want to exchange seats with someone (most people changed seats on my flight if someone offered an aisle seat). I took a cab to PGP dormitory for about 30 Singapore Dollars and did early check in (about 30 Singapore dollars for 3-4 days). I’ve been exploring different areas and trying out new foods. I purchased a sim card at a nearby mall. However, you can do so at the convenience store near UTown dormitory. UTown has great food and is a great location to be at as well (though it is a bit farther out from the business school than PGP). Most exchange students stay at UTown or PGP. Meals at UTown are around 4 Singapore dollars and drinks are sold separately. Everyone here is extremely friendly and exchange students connect through facebook to explore the surrounding area.  I’ll be posting some pictures of the area and different foods in the near future.

Until Next Time,

Brandon Tahamtan


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