3 Weeks in Milano & Lovin’ It!

Approximately three weeks have gone by since I left the United States but it feels like I just finished my first week. This makes no sense because I have already done so many things around Milan but it seems like time has been placed on ‘Fast Forward!’


Already in the first day of my arrival, I had errands to run near the Dumo! The Duomo area in Milan is the perfect tourist location- be careful with people who try and sell things by disguising them as “free!”

This Cathedral is old but is still being constantly renovated. I find it astonishing either way.


Not only are there souvenir shops but there are plenty of other things to keep any tourist busy around Duomo.


Gelaterias are everywhere! I have a sweet tooth which is why I find no harm in having so many gelaterias around!


Within the first week of my arrival, I was already walking around the Duomo area to find out all there is to know about the shops in the area. I went on a Fashion Tour hosted by our school. I learned where the expensive shops were at, when different stores closed, and (my favorite part) the history behind many top-brand’s headquartered in Milano.

“Fashion starts in Milano, goes to Paris, then continues in New York!” -Words from our lovely tour guide!


The ESN Staff for Bocconi (my school) arranged a one-day trip to the Lake Como area!




ESN Bocconi Staff even arranged a nice boat ride in the Lake Como area!



Like I said… gelato is everywhere! 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I love theatre, music and anything artsy. Teatro alla Scala is a MUST-SEE theatre for Opera shows. I went to watch a ballet. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic production, theatre, and atmosphere! (I will be back for an Opera!)


Italian Brunch was a success! Pizza, lasagna, potato, different meats, sandwiches, meat balls, rice… oh and the dessert was not even pictured here!


It took my roommates about a good two weeks, but it looks like we have finally finished scheduling our trips around Europe!

Until next time!





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