Excursions in London

During our time here in London, we have had the amazing opportunity to go on company visits, explore some of the coolest things London has to offer, and go off the beaten patin terms of typical things that one should see when visiting this city. One day after class we took a little time to explore Camden Town. Everyone had a really good time roaming through the market, looking through all the shops and trying out what the local food vendors had to offer. After that, we took a 2 mile ride down the canals on a narrow boat. The boat tour was very interesting, and we all learned a lot of cool facts about London. We ultimately ended up in Little Venice where we all went out for a nice Italian Dinner.

We also went to see the performance of  Shakespeare in Love at the Playhouse Theatre in Leicester Square. Everyone enjoyed the play, which was quite funny, and we all liked being able to go out and do something together as a big group.


However, I think it is of unanimous opinion that the best things we have done on this trip are the company visits. We were able to tour the London Stock Exchange as well as the Lloyd’s of London. At the London Stock Exchange, we learned how trading has evolved over the years, which was very interesting seeing as we are all taking a course on stocks, bonds and derivatives. They even gave out a prize at the end! The Lloyd’s of London has one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen, as well as an amazing history. We learned that Lloyd’s will insure ANYTHING, that they keep the official record of all ships that sink, and we heard the story of the gift of the Lutine Bell.

Everything we have done so far has been a blast! The best part has been exploring the things that aren’t really well known. I am really excited to see what adventures the last two weeks of the trip will bring, and can’t wait to sure more stories!

Lloyds of LondonLondon Stock Exchange




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