Goodbye, Australia

I am finally back in the states. I cannot believe four and half months zoomed by so quickly! This morning Nolon (one of my best friends on my study abroad trip/ fellow longhorn) sent me this quote

You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place” –Miriam Adeney.

Realizing that my time in Sydney was going to end on July 1st was the best and worst thing to know. It turned me into a “yes” person. The whole “live your life to the fullest” cheesy quote could never have applied more to my life than it did in Australia. It is indescribable how liberating this outlook on life is. More importantly, knowing that I have such little time with the friends I have made here made me appreciate my time with them more than ever. While I made quite a few Australian friends, my dorm was made up of mainly international/ exchange students from all over the world (from Poland, to Zambia, to Denmark, to Norway – you name it).  It is amazing how close you become with the students you meet on exchange. Without these relationships, my exchange experience would definitely not have been the same.


All-in-all, I could not have had a better study abroad experience. From traveling to Melbourne, Cairns, New Zealand, Alice Springs, and Perth to just spending nights in our common room watching endless amounts of One Tree Hill, I don’t think there is anything that could have made my experience more memorable. To my friends that I have made on the trip, I can’t wait to visit you in the future and travel the world with y’all.  –Archana Ayyar


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