Crumpets & Crooked Teeth

JUST MY LUCK that William and Kate return to Kensington Palace 24 hours after we tour it. Thank God I bought the official Westminster Abbey souvenir that is their wedding album. Yes, we also paid the $30 to tour the Abbey, which actually had the most intricate and mesmerizing stained glass ever.

Other than our self-led royal tour (Buckingham & Kensington Palace, Westminster, etc.) we rode on the London Eye (sorry I’m a tourist) and managed to get lost for hours on end. Let me tell you something about the pound. It’s a constant blood bath for any American’s wallet seeing £20=$34. But how can you put a price on hearing that accent?


The weather wasn’t killer, but then again when is it in London? Our tube ride (I’m such a local) was about an hour into the city every morning- so let’s all take a moment to thank the tube employees for waiting to strike until this week. 

One of the guys we went with was determined this was Kensington Palace:


Maybe next time bud, or maybe not. Ever. But Prince Albert says hello regardless.

Currently attempting to finish my 20 page paper for the Diversity and Integration in Political Philosophy and International Management (yeah I don’t know either) before we train it to Milan tomorrow and fly to GREECE on Friday for 6 noches. Donkey riding anyone? Classes are starting to wind down meaning finals are too close for comfort, but that will be a battle for next week. 


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