Old vs. New

Last Tuesday night, I had the honor of traveling to Vienna, Austria on a sleeper train. The “female section” was sold out, so upon my arrival, I was greeted by an overly-curvy woman and her husband. Well since we’re in Europe, they probably weren’t married, but whatever. The noises she made throughout that 7.5-hour night were unlike any I’ve heard before. To my surprise, I ended up surviving, probably by ducking under my fleece blanket (which we know has yet to see the inside of a washing machine) all whilst praying I wouldn’t wake up with a body rash from the strange polyester concoction I was sleeping on.

photo 1

My humble abode.

Vienna was wonderful and my personal tour guide/ cousin helped me see all that needed to be seen. Schloss Schönbrunn, below, was more scenic in person than any postcard could ever portray, although the reality of marrying one’s cousin really did change my perception of “luxury”.

Not much, but some call it home.

photo 5

On Friday, my cousin had a pretty solid amount of class, so I day-tripped it to Prague, Czech Republic. Side note about her school (Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien): it’s a brand new campus which houses 7 buildings, each designed by a different architect. It is all so impressivley modern and artistically designed that you actually feel like you’re walking on Mars.

LLC_Aussen__c__2013_BOANET_0cf07e9356   04_04-b-Wirtschaftsuniversität-Wien

<interior & exterior of their library>




<don’t remember>

Back to Praha: hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Narrow & winding streets with continuously breathtaking architecture- even though I was only there for about 5 hours, I would recommend it to any and everyone.

photo 3

photo 1

Now I’m back in homogenous Switz, finishing my Global Leadership paper, studying for an exam, prepping for a presentation, all while internally wilting due to the ongoing BLIZZARD going on outside. IT WAS 70 LAST WEEK. Here’s to life looking like the inside of a snow globe.


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