Hong Kong: HKUST Career Fair

Recently HKUST had their job/internship fair. The fair, called “Where’s Your Cheese”, had over eighty companies on campus handing out flyers and talking with interested students. Unlike at McCombs, the job fair was stretched out over a four day period with different companies coming in on different days. There were companies of all sizes ranging from Apple all the way down to small Hong Kong game studios.

There were two major things that really surprised me. First: the career fair happened in a hallway as opposed to an auditorium or classroom. I’m sure this served as an easy way to attract students to the fair, but it caused more than a few major traffic jams during class changes. Second: The students attended the fair in casual clothing. A lot of students carried their backpacks and didn’t have portfolios/resumes. The recruiters also weren’t dressed in business professional either. The casual nature of this event made it seem (at least to me) as more of a meet and greet rather than a recruitment event.

Overall, I found the career fair to be really intriguing. The relaxed atmosphere combined with the enthusiastic students gave me a new prospective on how career fairs should be done. While I would still prefer the US career fair style, I am sure a lot of people would welcome this type of recruiting.


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