Hong Kong: Exploring an Abandoned TV Station

Surrounded by mountains, there is an abandoned (and apparently haunted) television station near campus. The building has been vacant and walled off for many years now, therefore making it a great spot for graffiti artists and urban explorers. A group of exchange students and I went there to what we could find in this abandoned station.

The first challenge was to figure out how to get past the wall and barricades. We were able to climb over the wall with the help of a tree.

The previous visitors had set up an chair and desk ladder on the other side of the wall, making it very easy to get inside.

The building’s true beauty lies inside of its concrete exterior. The entire building is covered with intricately drawn graffiti untouched by weather. There seems to have been an unwritten rule among graffiti artists about not spraying over someone else’s work.

The building’s open room layout enhances the abandoned nature of the building. Each floor of the building is unique. The first floor is completely walled off by concrete while the second floor has windowed walls. This really changes the atmosphere of each floor.

There are no lights in the building, so wandering into windowless rooms or deep into the building becomes much more dangerous (not to mention scary). Many walls and ceilings are missing/damaged (probably from rowdy visitors) which makes the place much more interesting.

There are parts of the building that are surprisingly really clean. Other parts though are littered full of trash. There is broken glass everywhere, so I wouldn’t recommend visiting this place barefoot.

The roof provides an amazing view of the mountains and nearby villages.

The building isn’t 100% abandoned, for it seemed like a few people are illegally living in this building. For example, we found some camping tarps hanging up as make-shift doors in one of the rooms. Also, we also found an empty dvd player and phone box along with some pirated DVDs. I can’t blame these people. Land is expensive in Hong Kong and rent is free in this abandoned building. One of our group members had mentioned that he saw a couple leaving the abandoned building while we were touring the roof.

Visiting the abandoned TV station would have to rank as one of the most exciting things I have done in Hong Kong. As we were leaving the building, another group of visitors were coming in. The building isn’t hard to find and I would recommend taking a look if you have the chance.

The main building entrance (from the outside)

The main building entrance (from the inside)

Interesting graffiti. It looks like someone wrote Chinese characters upside down.

The television company’s logo on the door to the master control room.


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