A Tour of the Down Under

Hi Guys!!!

So, for my first week in Australia, I traveled around in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns with my family. Maybe it is because I have been doing so many activities, but it feels like I have been here for much longer. I wrote a little about my favorite events below.


  • Wildlife- A MUST SEE!!! It amazes me how many animals in Australia are not found anywhere else. From Kangaroos to Koalas, I saw it all. I was even lucky enough to go on a crocodile feeding day and watch a crocodile devour a chicken. While it did terrify me to my core, it was such an amazing thing to watch.for blog
  • The Opera House- Needless to say, the tour of the Opera House was definitely a favorite. In fact, the history of the building itself makes The Opera House that much more spectacular. Fun Fact: the main architect who designed the building has never even seen the finished product.


  • Philip’s Island- driving to Philip’s Island takes about an hour and a half to two hours, but it is completely worth it. The main event on Philip’s Island is The Penguin Parade. Everyday at sunset, hundreds of penguins waddle from the water and find their home on land. If anyone was wondering what a penguin sounds like, I think it is the perfect mix of a baby crying, a llama, and my dad’s snoring.

for blog2

  • Great Ocean Drive- I feel like this one picture will explain more than words why this was one of my favorite events.

for blog3


  • Great Barrier Reef- Within 15 minutes of reaching the hotel, we bought tickets for a cruise and took off. We took the Sunlover cruise out to the reef, where I went snorkeling and scuba diving. I really wish I could have taken underwater pictures, but I know the pictures would not have done the reefs’ beauty justice. The ocean was so calm and peaceful, and I often found myself swimming in the middle of a school of fish. It was spectacular.
  • Kuranda- Finally, the trip to Kuranda. I definitely enjoyed Kuranda more than I thought I would. My favorite place was the Kuranda Koala gardens. Unlike in the state of New South Wales, people are allowed to hold Koalas in Queensland. The Koala I held was named Lana, and she fell asleep the second I started holding her. She was the epitome of precious.  Also, the visitors were allowed to feed the Wallabies. All-in-all, it was much smaller than the wildlife zoo in Sydney, but much more interactive.

for blog 4

School starts this week! Can’t wait to update you guys in a few weeks. Until next time.


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