First Impressions

I did zero research coming into this semester. My father spoke highly (and only) of their business school, so that was that and here I am. A pleasant surprise, the “city” is quaint & bursting with character. It was founded by an Irish monk (Gallus, go figure) in around 650, and therefore has a brilliant Abbey cathedral,

photo 4photo

invaluable library,


and adorable architecture.

photo 1photo 2

Take away: Monks have better calligraphy skills than Martha Stewart.

It later “boomed” into a textile hub, bringing buyers from Dior, Chanel, etc to buy their lace/ embroidery. The complimentary museum doesn’t open until mid-March, so I can’t speak much on this topic yet, other than the fact that 1 yard of this material costs over 1,000 CHF.  And I thought my trash bags were expensive. (2 freaking francs. PER BAG.)

Classes started on Monday, and let it be known that “syllabus week” is not a thing here. Best part of having class with students from around the world? Their attempts of translating local idiomatic expressions into English.

“They’re not the brightest camels in the cage” (India, 2014).

Bidding was an extremely foreign concept, but even local students haven’t seemed to understand how it works. Because of this, I am in an array of random classes, like Managing Innovation of China, Management of Industrial Companies, and Islamic Fundamentalism. My Islamic Fundamentalism professor is an anthropologist from Barcelona, excuse me, Barthelona, and I actually just want to keep her in my pocket at all times. She opened the class with the question “what do you think of when you hear the term Islamic Fundamentalism?”

And I quote (in order):

Student #1: kidnapping               Student #2: Al Qaeda               Student #3: terrorism

On that inspirational note, let the semester begin!


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