American Traditions Abroad

Thanksgiving is a holiday full of American pride and traditions: the food, football and family.When living abroad this time of year can be especially challenging as you remember the year-to-year activities your loved-ones may be participating in across the globe. As a Study Abroad students you are far from family and friends and sometimes can’t even buy ingredients to your favorite Thanksgiving recipe.

While you may not be gobbling-up turkey this Thanksgiving I hope you can look at this season as time to be completely present in your current circumstance and practice real thankfulness for new friends and experiences.  This may be the perfect opportunity to introduce Thanksgiving traditions to your new community abroad. Share food and other traditions with international students or local community members. I had one friend who required us to partake in her family tradition of saying things we are thankful for around the Thanksgiving table. This may be a common idea to us Americans, but a new celebration for others. You should share customs with others, especially if it makes you happy! A great way to be a global ambassador.

Other expatriates use this time to explore new places as a form of celebration. What better way to show thanks then site-seeing around the world. Go see that once in a life time spot that you happen to be near this year! All that to say- We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you may be.tgiving


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