Beginning in Bath

My four months of summer finally came to an end. I arrived here at Bath, England on September 21, just in time for a week of orientation (or “Fresher’s Week” as they call it here) before classes officially began on the 30th. Not even a week into my stay, I already caught and recover from a cold/fever, so I spend most of Fresher’s Week sleeping in my dorm 😐

Bath is a quaint, little town. The size of its city center is comparable to the UT campus (you can walk from one end to the other in about 30 min), and the University of Bath campus is even smaller (10 min to walk across campus). Growing up and attending school in a big city, it’s a nice change.

The Roman Baths.


It’s such a small town that there are signs like these that point you towards your destination. Real street signs are on corner of building (at random heights, in the most obscure locations) or carved onto them since most building are made of stone. I always get lost when I go into the city centre, but I always stumble upon new neat spots, and since it’s such a small city, all you need is 30 min to walk all over and eventually find your way back.

Pretty flowers are all over the city.
Bath Abbey.
Apparently, these pigs are all over the city, too. I found one so far…
The city is full of cute little cafes and specialty shops.
Boats along the Avon River.

That’s just a quick glimpse of the city of Bath. I still have a lot to explore 🙂


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