Freshers’ Week in Edinburgh

I can’t believe I have been in Edinburgh for one week already! Classes have yet to begin, but this past week was the University of Edinburgh’s Freshers’ Week.

Freshers’ Week is a jam-packed week dedicated to new students at the university consisting of college meetings, tours of the university, visits to city attractions (beach, castle, hikes), parties, concerts, coffee crawls, and more! Imagine UT orientation on steroids. It can be quite overwhelming, but the week provides the perfect opportunity for students to get acclimated to the campus and meet new friends!

Just like at UT, students are encouraged to join organizations, except that they are called societies here. A societies and sports fair was held during the week to provide students with more information about ways to get involved on campus. It reminded me of Party on the Plaza. Societies at University of Edinburgh range from Chocolate Society to Piping and Drumming Society to even Pole Dancing Society.

In addition, you couldn’t walk around campus this week without seeing someone from Domino’s Pizza handing out coupons for free pizza to students. Basically, all students could get a free personal pizza with the coupon. If you wanted to live off of pizza for a week, you definitely could have. You should have seen the line outside of Domino’s…

These are some of the highlights from some of the Freshers’ Week events that I participated in.

1. Arthur’s Seat Climb – Arthur’s Seat is the highest peak in Edinburgh and offers amazing views of the city. It was quite the climb – my knees were sore afterwards!


The view from the top:


2. Calton Hill Walk – This is one of the main hills in Edinburgh with a view of the city that is often seen in tourist guides and photos.


3. Ceilidh – This is a traditional Scottish social gathering where students dance to traditional folk music. It is quite the blast!


4. Coffee Crawl – One of the students at the University took us around to some of the popular coffee shops in the city. One of the coffee shops we went to was The Elephant House. It is famous because JK Rowling wrote the first few Harry Potter books at this coffee shop.


Tomorrow is the first day of classes! Gotta get back into school mode (kinda).


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