Classes in Italy

I’ve completed my first official week of classes and have already begun experiencing the differences between here and the US.

  1. Attending vs. Non attending students: you are given the option to be a attending or non attending student- each have a different final exam and different text books. You basically declare yourself as either one when you show up for the final exam. It’s a strange concept but it is always recommended to be attending- the exams for non attending students are notoriously more difficult but I guess this sort of system would benefit a working student.
  2. Homework and tests: you have no homework or regular tests. Your grades consist of the final exam and/or a project. At first sight this seems really great -because who ever enjoys homework?- but it does require a lot of self motivation on your part.
  3. Interaction and experience: something I really enjoy and appreciate is that in all of my classes there is a huge emphasis on real-life experience and relating it to what we learn in class. In my fashion class, for example, we will be having guest speakers from Gucci and Ray Ban! (Oh the thrills of studying in Milan). And in my video/television class, we are able to visit production studios in the city. I think this is a really great way to get students interested in the topic and see beyond the notes we scribble down in class.

I personally like this education style because you’re given control over your learning. I don’t feel forced to do anything. But its the motivation I give myself that will allow me to gain knowledge and experience.


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