A Day in Prater Park, Vienna






They said that on the very first week of study abroad, actually spending some time to walk to your school will be worth the trip, and so I did it accordingly.

With the thriving options of transportation, oftentimes we forget the beauty of simply taking a walk. This 5-mile journey enabled me to fully observe the local life of Vienna. With a lazy Saturday breeze, the whole city dwells in its peacefulness. I was in awe of how lay-back the life is over here. As if eternity is in their hands, seniors here fully loiter their time in the park. Some take a never-ending nap, others sit in the bench and read a book that never finishes, still others spend the time with family and wander in this massive heaven.


Like mentioned above, transportation was never an issue, that includes anything from walking, jogging, biking, skateboarding, taking the train, to riding horses. No one is in a hurry, because no one needs to be. Coming from a fast-pace lifestyle, I cannot stop but ask myself, what is the purpose of a life that is always in a rush? We wish the weekdays pass through faster, and yet we easily let the weekends slip through the fingertips in an even faster pace. Perhaps it is the time to reflect and take a look how others “enjoy” their lives.


Over here, just about any sports or activity are offered. Outdoor ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, tennis…those are not unique enough. How about outdoor table tennis with metal net, tiny but deep pools where kids run from the grass and dive deep into the water? And never to forget how some people walk 10 dogs at the same time. These are only the glimpse of the options offered here. The park is free, the park welcomes anyone to come, it is the ultimate place to get connected and recharged after a week of working.


Perhaps, part of enjoying life is exactly doing what you like, and do it to your hearts content.





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