Never complaining about the stairs again!

Last minute decisions here seem to work out well. A group of us decided to go explore the Dragon’s Back Trail (even with the 60% chance of rain). We left decently early at 9am to head to Shau Kai Wan (which was a 55 minute MTR ride) – we filled up our food supply of Asian bread + water at our University station before heading off.

One of the girls in our group had very detailed directions from the point of MTR to the end of the trail, so that was very helpful. Our first 1/3 of the trek was…up a cemetery. It seemed to be the only way to get to the part of the mountain, and after a few hundred steps – we were all out of breath and couldn’t wait for flat land. At least this is a nice “reward” for finishing the cemetery part.

Post-cemetery trail was another couple hundred of steps before we could reach flat ground, but we got to see this interesting “waterfall” type of structure on our way up. Whew, after deep breaths and looking at a map, we turn around to see another view of the city behind us.

20 minutes of flat land and our feet were happy again, we hit the sign that we were looking for – yay!

Now I know why this trail is called the Dragon’s Back… literally up and down, some stairs, some no stairs, slippery, and windy. I forgot to take pictures in the beginning of the trail, but at least no one forgot to take pictures during the “peak view” points.

After 2.5 km, we reached one of the peaks, where we took our lunch break and enjoyed the 5 minutes of sunshine that happened today. We could see the nearby mountains filled with grey clouds, but it cleared up enough for us to get our group and individual pictures :”)

Once we heard thunder, we decided to trek onwards so we could get back down to the beach when it was still sunny. Knowing us, we stopped at every picturesque point possible and took pictures of the same view, just different angles.


More views on the other side of the mountain as we were descending:

Of course, beaches in HK are not closed when it’s “raining” or “thundering,” so we decided to take bus #9 to Shek O Beach for some post-hiking r&r đŸ™‚ the roads were windy, so we had some problems staying balanced…but that’s what surfing skills are for, right?

The beach was secluded, with just the right amount of people, we were able to enjoy the waves and take a swim. Compared to Galveston, it’s decently clean, but still have to visit some other beaches around here to make an accurate comparison.



After 99 photos, 400+ sets of stairs, a liter of water, two Asian pastry buns, and ferocious waves, today was a goood day. Not to mention, we were home by 4pm, which never happens on nature trips like these. Ask me tomorrow how my legs feel, then I’ll let you know if I’ll ever complain about taking the stairs again ^_^


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