We, the Internationals

Some of us traveled alone for the first time,
Some of us boarded a plane for the first time.

Some of us waited for the sun among the cloudy days,
Some of us are still waiting for the warmth to make its way.

But we all…
crossed the seas,
We tried new food, new greetings, new drinks, new cheeses,
We spoke different languages,
We attended the POWs…(Party of the Week).

We took trains, buses, and metros just get to Paris,
We misunderstood, fought, despised, loved, missed JOUY (HEC town),
We madly swang between homesickness and fully fitting in France.

At dinner,
We talked politics and finance as we were the United Nations,
We solved the world’s problems one dinner at a time,
We planned as if Europe was endless,
And even discussed the news furiously.

We took too many pictures because Gabriela had said “no such thing as too many pictures.”
Along with instagram-Ing too many photos,
We jumped too many times for one picture,
We hugged, kicked, climbed, and poked The leaning tower,
We climbed numerous stairs for the top of the Eiffel tower.

We slowly learned the way of the French,
We learned to be on French time for class,
We learned to lay-back,
We learned their fashion ways,
We learned their unspoken rules,
And we learned the healthy way of eating of the French.

But one thing we never learned,
One thing we did not plan,
When we finally felt at home,
It was the time to say good-bye.


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