Time for Some Rugby

A few weeks ago in Edinburgh there was a rugby match between the Scottish and Italian national teams as a part of a tournament called the 6 Nations. 6 Nations is a tournament where rugby teams from six countries (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, and Italy, hence the name 6 nations) all play each other in rugby matches. I can honestly say that I have never heard of the 6 Nations tournament before I got here but its a REALLY BIG DEAL so we knew that we had to go! Because it was a match against Italy and not another UK country, it was actually very easy to find affordable (albeit, nosebleed) seats for the match.



I’ll confess that I didn’t know the rules to rugby before I got to the match (and still don’t understand all of it), but it’s kind of a combination of football and soccer, and it’s surprisingly exciting to watch! The point of the game is to run the ball over the goal line for a “try,” and you can only pass backwards the ball to players on your team. The fascinating thing about rugby is that it is almost as violent (and in some situations more violent) than football, yet the players wear hardly any protectional sports gear at all.

(Highlights from the rugby match – Scotland won 34 to 10!)

Scotland scoring!

Going to the the stadium was SUCH a cool experience – the national pride that everyone had for the Scotland rugby team was unbelievable. Also the stadium performances were so much cooler than in America – they blasted a bagpipe version (!) of “We Will Rock You” before the game started, and every time Scotland scored they played “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” over the speaker system and everyone went craaaazy. In the words of Barney Stinson, it was LEGENDARY. 


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One thought on “Time for Some Rugby

  1. This looks awesome!! Definitely something I would add to my list when traveling to Scotland. I went to a hockey game in Prague (practically the national sport) and it was definitely an unforgettable experience!

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