Un Longhorn Madrileño

So, another month-ish has gone by in my world of study abroad. W O W. Or should I say, “Que guay!” (Guay is used as ‘cool’ in Spain). Madrid is finally beginning to feel like home and the city has become a playground that I keep falling in love with. In my past month, I have learned a wide array of lessons. Keep ‘em coming!

Spanish Student Life

Spaniards being lazy and not going to class is a huge stereotype. UT is an amazing school with rigorous courses that not only gives us invaluable knowledge, but also teaches us how to learn. Same goes here at Comillas. And to add on, these students are in an economy that is; well, tough so they take their studies and careers very seriously. It has been such an interesting experience to hear about their future goals and how they go about planning them. How is it, you wonder? If you are not working your family’s business, then you are probably leaving Madrid, perhaps even Spain to find a job. That’s reality.

I do want to clarify that I attend a private school in Madrid. I kid you not; maybe Mario Prada and Marc Jacobs as well ought to be students here. I think it’s important to note this because there is a notable difference in the culture of the student-life here versus the student-life culture at a public university here in Madrid.

Go to class! The professors at Comillas are phenomenal, and they all are wealthy in knowledge and experience.

Traveling while you are Traveling

Valuable lesson #2875738: Don’t travel, meaning leave the city, every weekend. I made a tiny mistake, in my opinion, of booking 5 straight weekends of travel. Let’s see: Salamanca -> Barcelona -> Cádiz -> Paris -> Italia. E x h a u s t i n g. Now, I don’t regret any of it. I loved it all so much, and I have the energy to keep going. If you are one to grow tired easily, or I don’t know have homework to do on the weekends, try to space out your travel ☺

I’d tell you more about each city I have visited, but hopefully my video can suffice 🙂

Useful sites:
– Couchsurfing.org – Social site where people find couches to “couchsurf.” That idea does not ring with all, but you can also make tons of friends on it!
– Skyscanner.com – Some of the cheapest airfares I have found!
– In general, if you want to learn about a city from the inside, try to avoid mainstream travel sites. Personal blogs are the best. Try Googling ‘best blogs in (city).’

Hasta luego!


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