Bienvenue à Paris


For our first week of class, the International Student Organization at HEC planned an event for every night. Only for 35 euros we joined the fun.

Monday-Welcome Drink
A great first night of introductions, full of greetings, chat, and drinks. Fun fact: 82 new exchange internationals at HEC for the semester! Only the best, of course! The internationals that have been here since last semester especially greeted us enthusiastically. They know very well what the culture shock is like and are very sympathetic.

Tuesday- Speed Dating
While not everyone participated in the Speed Dating activity, we all continued to meet each other and tried to remember everyone’s names! A bit overwhelming to remember everyone’s names but super interesting to meet and hear from people from all over the world. I have met Singaporians and Australians for the first time ever. My Texan famous word “y’all” has gone around, and some students are starting to pick it up. What can I say, it’s contagious.

Wednesday- Game Night
In the presence of the famous unbeatable HEC chess player, everyone joined groups and participated in some fun great activities. One of them being a guessing song name, prob the most competitive one among the students! So fun. In addition, lots of prices were given, including a boat ride in the Saine River. I won tons of chocolate, a mug (for tea nights at my friend’s place), and hand liquid soap!

Thursday- Dinner Cusson
Apparently born at HEC, this dinner at the closest restaurant is all about drinking. A chant invented by the students themselves ruled the night. Very lively night.

Friday- Louvre and Paris bars
Thanks to the bus, we got out first view to the sparkling Eiffel Tower by night! Then, we arrived at our destination, the Louvre! So much beautiful art in this palace. Here you can see the Mona Lisa or La Joconde ( in French). After the museum closed, We had dinner at the Latin Quarter and hit some bars.


Saturday- IKEA
Even though I love IKEA, I decided not to join on this event. However, it was very useful for many students who bought stuff for their rooms.

Sunday – All Day in Paris
Paris in winter is charming. It transports you to the old days of France. Make sure you layer it up though! It gets really cold, and rains or hails whenever least expected! Nevertheless, it was super fun (:



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