Paris-The real city that never sleeps


Hello everyone! My name is Mary and i’m a marketing major at UT that is currently studying at ESCP in Paris! I’ve been here for about 2 weeks and I have to say it’s already been amazing! I’ve been out of the US before but never by myself or for this long. I have quickly learned that 1) I am never by myself and 2) things really are what you make them. Upon arriving I got to know the city a little with fellow UT students as we tried to get all our living arrangements and errands settled. My roommate, Danni, and I got very lucky by living about a 5 minute walk from school! Since being here I have already made many new friends not only from UT but all over the world. We have become close in a short amount of time with friends from Finland, Spain, the UK, and Ireland! It’s interesting and exciting to learn about everyones lives back home and how they chose to study in Paris.

Why did I choose to study in Paris? First off I’m a huge history buff. I love visiting the churches and museums and gardens to learn all of Frances history. Also I learned that ESCP is the oldest business school in the WORLD! I also love architecture. All of Paris’ buildings are amazing and it’s crazy that this city is older than the US and I’m actually living here. Next–I knew the city had a reputation for being very lively but even I was shocked at the extent they go. Even at 5 in the morning people are still out just sitting at the cafes and having a great time with friends. I love the lifestyle and I can’t wait to keep exploring!

If I had to give advice on getting settled in the beginning of your study abroad I would say be very open minded and just relax. Know that the next few months of your life are going to be different but don’t let that scare you from taking chances. You are going to miss things from back home but you’re in a completely knew part of the world. Embrace it and enjoy everything life has to offer. A year ago I never pictured myself living in Paris and now I’m here. It’s been a journey and I’m very excited that it has just begun. They say when you’re abroad you learn more about yourself and your culture than the one you’re visiting and that’s completely true so far. Let yourself be adventurous and daring. Life would be too boring without trying new things. My last piece of advice comes from my brother, Russell. He’s a UT Alum and study abroad alum as well (Madrid, Spain). He told me before I left that one part of studying abroad is learning how to make things work when you have nothing familiar to help you. You learn from yourself and your abilities to survive in new surroundings. Awesome.

Well that’s all for now! Sorry if this has been long but here are some pictures to sum up my first 2 weeks! Crepes, snow covered boulevards, the Eiffel Tower at night, and the Arc de Triomphe.

Au revoir!


IMG_3680 74917_10151626907397656_1965746592_n 385192_10151626906962656_772128195_n 1242_10151626906627656_1690015993_n


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