Madrid: First steps outside the U.S.

Here I am! In Spain, in Madrid, in ESPAÑA!

Who: Ezequiel, EZ, Zeek, whatever your heart desires
Who#2: Junior Marketing major at the best school in the world
School: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, ICADE
Length: Until end of May, early June
Living sitch: Roommates with UT student in an AMAZING apartment

What can I say? This place is beautiful. Granted, this is the first time I have ever stepped foot outside of the U.S. Yeah, that’s right – first time beyond the United States of America. I now have a different perspective of my home country constructed through my new international and Spanish friends’ ideas and perceptions.

I hope to bring you with a few videos during my time here along with some photography – all taken through my iPhone 5 (plug, but a phone is all ya need). In addition to allowing you to take a tour of my life for the next few months, I hope to give you some advice about traveling abroad and HOPEFULLY (cross-my-fingers) can spark an interest in you to venture outside of the country for a semester or summer.

Please feel free to reach out to me and ask me about anything! I’m new to this, so if you can offer some advice, I’d love that as well! Also, forgive me for murdering all things grammar. I promise I know how to write correctly (maybe), but I just want to make sure I can communicate my thoughts and…well…myself 🙂

Adios! Abrazos! Hasta Luego!


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