Simplifying Things is Pretty Complicated

My university has a Tandem Language Learning program for students who wish to learn new languages. I am paired up with a German speaker, and we are both helping each other learn the other person’s language. I’m a total beginner so he’s been helping me with my basics. He, however, is getting ready to take an important English exam. He has to read and understand articles from The Economist, and I’m trying to help him. Here’s the article he sent me: Body Politic.

Simplifying it is a lot more complicated than I expected it to be! There are a lot of English phrases that make no sense when they are translated. And I’m simplifying it in a way that I understand, but I’m not sure if it is understandable to a non-native English speaker. I almost feel like I’m learning as much about how English works as he is! What an interesting experience.


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