That sad moment when…

you realize that it’s been 5 months and you have to go home.  I would have updated more but honestly WordPress is horrible abysmal in Thailand.

But as a recap as to what you’ve been missing out on…

April is the best month and worst month of Thailand for sure!  For one, you get a 3-day holiday for Songkran, a water festival.  Everyone is basically running around throwing ice cold water at you for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT!!!  I went to Laos, who celebrates it also for the new year, and got pelted with water balloons filled with color dye.  It’s ridiculously fun…but back to reality.

After this wonderful festival, you get pelted with all the presentations and papers, that more often than not, are group papers.  Thai students like to do everything last minute so you get contacted maybe a week before everything is due.  Imagine this for every class!!!  However, despite this and how you rarely ever see Thai students pay attention in class, they are extremely hard working outside of class.

May is the saddest month because everyone is leaving.  I’ve had to say goodbye to lots of friends already.  So I’ve been spending my last two weeks in Laos with family.  It’s been a home away from home in the literal sense.  I leave Vientiane tomorrow and it will probably be the saddest day of my life saying goodbye to family that I’ve met for the first time in my life.  I can’t believe it’s taken me 20 years to come here.

I don’t think it’s really hit me that I have to go home.  I’ll post up pictures when I have better internet! I’ve been using an aircard in Laos.


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