Wa Ye Shoods Study at Auld Reekie (Edinburgh)

In these last 92 days I have informed you of my adventures abroad, traveling, and culture. However I have not said much about my studies (the main and most important reason I am here). So this blog is dedicated to why you should study abroad at the University of Edinburgh. To make it easier I am going to list the top 12 reasons why you should come study here rather than anywhere else in the world. Ready for this:

  1. The University of Edinburgh is 20th in the WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS to attend in 2011/2012 by QS (http://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/world-university-rankings/2011).
  2. You have less contact hours which means you have more free time (I only had 8 hours of class time a week).
  3. My semester ended a week ago–yes, I am serious. In the spring semester you only have 10 weeks of class and if you are taking business classes you only have 8 weeks of class (two week break in February).
  4. The lectures, professors, and tutors are outstanding examples of academic leaders in research. Class time is short but they provide you with REAL research and findings that they themselves have conducted and written. There are barely any books to read, just dozens of current journals and academic papers which I find much more interesting.
  5. Societies, athletic clubs, and the ISC– all 3 of these give you an abundance of things to do with your spare time. There are about 80 socities ranging from ChocSoc (Chocolate Society), JSoc (Jewish Society), or Harry Potter Soc. You can even walk on to team sports like football or running. The International Student Centre has a trip every weekend and they are cheap and fun.
  6. Campus is beautiful and easy to get to from all corners of Edinburgh. The Library is very modern and houses hundreds of computers with reliable printing. There are several places to relax, lay-out, and study around campus. The Meadows is the most popular on sunny, dry days which happen every once and a while.
  7. Grades are a bit different here (they say we have grade inflation–I disagree) as a 70 is an A and a 40 is passing. Additionally there are no monthly exams, just one exam at the end, and possible group project. Seeing as I had to do one of their group projects as an individual project, you would not have any trouble.
  8. Accommodation in self-catering (I am in Darroch) is brilliant! My room is quite large and fully equipped. They cost the same as a room on west campus near UT.
  9. Edinburgh is a beautiful city, with a lot to do as I put in one of my previous blogs (https://bbaabroad.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/tae-be-a-bairn-again/).
  10. I know many people go abroad in order to learn another language, but if you just want to go someplace where they speak mostly English (Scottish is harder to understand than you think) then this is a great place to go.
  11. Edinburgh is a hub. There is an international airport that is easy to get to, two train stations that can take you up north to the highlands, or down south to London or Wales. There are festivals, events, and conventions all the time.
  12. The people here are the most enjoyable part of my experience. If you like people that enjoy talking, partying, traveling, helping, and just life in general then this is the place. People are so helpful and happy and can’t wait to hear your Texan accent (which I do not have).


I hoped this has helped you make a decision about where you would want to study abroad and if Edinburgh is right for you. The good news is that there is no wrong choice.

A Few More Things. I am currently studying for my exams which will make up at least 60% of my grade. Luckily they do give us example questions and it is a written exam for all 3 of my tests. Because there is less contact/class time that means there is more independent study. I didn’t find it difficult because I do study at home quite often and keep up with my class work, but I know other students have difficultly with it. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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