Th’ Heelain Charge

I was told that on only 50 days of the year the sun shines brightly on the Isle of Skye. I guess that means there are only 48 days left for the Isle to light up. This past weekend I spent 2 nights on the Isle of Skype and traveled through the Highlands with the International Student Centre. Almost everything I have seen on my trip is considered beautiful, probably because I have not seen it before. Certainty, I speak the truth when I tell you that Highlands and Isle of Skye are everything that Burns and Stevenson wrote in their poetry. The land is dynamic and lush, surrounded by history and folklore. Our tour guide, Kay, told us dozens of stories, both fact and fiction, and allowed us to explore all the edges of the isle. I was even instructed at one point to place my face in a mystical river for 7 seconds that would give me eternal beauty. Give me 20 years and we will see how it holds up. And Glencoe, the weeping valley, looked like something out of a painting. The colors were soft and blended together as you scanned the horizon. It was like a charge of energy that the land gave you as you walked about it. This was the point in which I felt the DSL (Deep Scottish Love) that Kay was talking about during our tour.

If you ever have a chance to go to Scotland, visit the Highlands, especially Glencoe. Take a walk and hope that you get one of the 50 days of the year where the weather reminds you of Texas.


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