Put Yo Hands Up~!!

Sawatdee ka (hello)!

Actually, even though two months have already passed, I still haven’t stepped foot outside of Thailand!  Which I will definitely have to change soon because my visa needs to be renewed by the 31st, and while I can just go get paperwork done, leaving the country would be a preferable option!  Currently planning a trip with my friend Eilton from Singapore to go to Vietnam.  The only sad part about this is that I will be missing out on my muay thai party that my coach is setting up!

There were two major things that happened to me in February.

1. The first one was that I got to go to a really awesome 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour concert on the 21st of February!  2PM is a Korean boy group that is known for their dance moves and muscles. It was my first big concert and it was simply amazing!  Even though I was a little disappointed I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera in, I still saw lots of girls who found a way to sneak their cameras in though.  Things got a little crazy when the fans started jumping and one of the girls stepped on me (I still have a bruise on my big toe) and I got whacked in the head with one of the glowsticks!  It was really amazing that even though it was a Korean band singing in Korean, all the Thai girls were singing along perfectly!  The level of enthusiasm can’t really be described.  Here’s a link to one of their songs that the tour and my post is actually named after: [here]

2. Next big thing that happened was the BBA overnight trip to the Plai Pong Pang village, also known as the Floating Markets.  I seriously felt like I was being spoiled that day.  As we floated along the river, the BBA coordinator kept us extremely well fed.  I felt like we were constantly eating!  After taking a nap in the middle of the day, we had delicious dinner and then went on another boat ride at night to go see the fireflies!  It was such a pretty experience even though I couldn’t take pictures of them.  And the stars out in the village were extremely clear and bright, mainly because we were in a village.  Afterwards, while the coordinators went to sleep the exchange students just sat around and played some drinking games and Mafia.  It was very interesting trying to explain “Never Have I Ever” to the French students who really didn’t understand it.  Then I had the awkward experience of trying to talk to the person on the McDonald’s hotline if they would deliver to—I had no clue where we were except somewhere in a village!  Needless to say, I freaked out and hung up in their face because they wouldn’t speak English to me.

To explain, here in Bangkok, McDonald’s has 24 hours delivery and there’s also a English line because who else but a foreigner would call McDonald’s at 2am for a Double Big Mac and french fries?  It’s not only McDonald’s either, KFC, Pizza Hut, Pizza Company, and Oishi Express also has a 24 hour delivery service.

The next day, I woke up at 6am to give food to the monk and the rest of the time was spent at the temples. During lunch, the exchange students participated in cooking lunch.  It was so good!!  We had green curry, stir-fried vegetables, and Thai omelet.  For dessert, we had sliced bananas cooked in coconut milk.

Now, it’s time for pictures!!  This includes pictures from Plai Pong Pang village and also my friend’s Akiko’s birthday where we went to eat Shabu/Suki and went clubbing at RCA!  All I have to say is Thai cakes are super weird.  It had CHEESE on her cake.  Like salty parmesan cheese on her frosting!!  Gross…I still shudder at the thought of that cake.


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