Living Life in Bangkok

So it’s been almost a month since I’ve been in Bangkok and I’ve been having a blast.

I live at Amarin Mansion where a ton of exchange students are staying at and so something is always happening and if not, there’s always chill parties on the rooftop. I would definitely recommend it for those who definitely want to be part of the social life.  I pay around $220 a month for my room and it’s pretty big.  I also pay extra for internet and a fridge.  I live by myself but I know tons of people who share the room.

School has been a piece of normalcy here so it doesn’t feel like I’m on an extended vacation though I can see how it would be hard to forget.  The only thing different here is that there’s tons of group assignments but hardly anything seems to be very organized.  As in, I don’t even know who my group members are.  Instead of one hour or one and a half hours of class, I have to sit through a 3 hour class!  Lectures aren’t so bad and even one of my Marketing professors turns out to be the person who CREATED the CIBER program at McCombs!  I also still have NO clue how to get my books so studying has been a bit hard.  Uniforms are also mandatory and so is attendance.  We have to sign our names outside the class before going to class.  The students who study in Thai studies or in other programs have less restrictions than BBA students though. But BBA students get awesome perks like free field trips.  I went to Ayuthaya last Sunday and have another one coming up at the end of February.

However, I just got back from my first trip with friends to Koh Chang which is this pretty island because our friend Jakob is heading back to Denmark.  I have class on Friday so I had to leave at 7AM on a minivan to catch the ferry to get to the island on Saturday.  Met up with my friends at The Mangrove, where we had reserved 5 bungalows for 1000 baht a night.  We ended up renting a truck on the island for 100 baht per person, which I definitely recommend for large groups.  My friend Eilton from Singapore was the one who was chauffeuring us around since he was the only one in our group used to driving on the left hand side!  We went to the beach and then turned a hookah bar into a club.  The DJ was definitely catering to our group and actually we ended up having a blast showing our friend how to do the Cat Daddy.  The next day, we went to go to the waterfalls before catching our ferry back to head back to Bangkok.

I also had the strangest experience at one of the pit stops.  I was buying some food when a monk who had mistaken me for a Thai person and was saying something to me.  I had no clue what he was saying and I kept giving him a wide-eyed look.  Eventually it had dawned on me that he wanted ME to pay for his food.  And you know what?  I totally did it.  The only thing is I don’t know if that’s a normal experience.  I’ll probably have to ask my dad later on. 


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