Mah First Days Ay Class

I have been officially attending The University of Edinburgh for the last two weeks. Classes, tutorials, reading, and more reading. It is much like attending the University of Texas with a few keys differences. The first difference is in the contact time (class time); there is much less contact time then in US Universities. I spend about 8 hours in class (if that) but that is normal for the students. The second difference is in the workload during the semester; there is no homework, just papers or group projects. You usually have a paper and/or a test at the end of the semester. This is good if you keep up with all of the readings and assignments, if you don’t, things might get a bit crazy. The fourth difference is the material for the class; you get to find it. Meaning, not everything is in a textbook and outlined and you might have to research a topic or pull up an article from the online database. The fifth, and might I say greatest (as in awesome) difference is that the Spring semester is only 10 weeks long (not 16)! We have Innovative Learning week and Study week in February. School ends the first week of March so students have two weeks off for Easter/Spring break and another study week after the break.

So what do I like?

I enjoy researching for the material online because I get a better sense of the resources available to me. As a McCombs student, awareness of resources is a step towards success. It does take a while to find all of the articles, especially sense there are Core Readings, Essential Readings, Recommended Readings, and Extra Readings. No one can do them all, but they give you a plethora to choose from. Additionally, since I am here, I have decided to travel the world a bit (at least Europe) and get lost in culture, people, and places. I have already booked tickets to Dublin, Athens, and a Europe trip starting in Amsterdam and ending in Berlin. I will be traveling only during the breaks (luckily I don’t have class on Friday) so I can attend class and explore Edinburgh (UK).

I am very enthused for what might lay before me; travel, culture, adventure, friendship, experience, information, and what ever else. I can’t wait to experience it all…as they say: …there is no such thing as a bad experience – only a necessary one…


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