Runnin’ Aroond Scootlund

Honestly, I did not think there would be many runners in Scotland, but I am happy to say “I am wrong”. I am located in Darroch Court which happens to be a five minute walk to the trail that leads to Arthur’s Seat. Why is this so amazing? The view is astounding from the top of this hill (822 ft.). It is a “Town Lake” and an “Enchanted Rock” combined into one. The park (Holyrood) is about a 4 mile loop and has a paved road and sidewalk. You can access the entire city, since it is near the center, if you just pass a round it or over it. So that is exactly what I did. I have gone on a few runs up to 9 miles around the city of Edinburgh. So while I was running I took pictures and here they are laid out before you. Enjoy them as much as I did.

All of these pictures were taken while I was running around the city. Everything looks better when your out of breathe and sweaty.

Tip: Get a Camelbak or a Nathan water carrier that hold a liter or more f water and has pockets. This will allow you to carry things for long periods of time and keep water on you for hydration.


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