Haur Ah Am In Scootlund

After 15 hours of travel by plane, bus, taxi, and old-fashion walking– I am here. I am bout 6 hours ahead of all of my lovely friends and family back in Texas. I was exhausted (since I did not sleep a wink) so I slept a bit in my new home, a flat on campus. Unfortunately it did not last as long as I wanted it to, which is why I am writing at 3:30 a.m. on Thursday the 12th of January.

Everyone was right! The people are so friendly here. People were asking me if I needed help carrying things or if I needed directions. The city is outstanding! I settled into my flat and met one of my flatmates (Georgia) and then explored. Everything is within walking distance so I grabbed a few things like some food to munch on, a blanket (besides the one I grabbed off the plane), and some shower gels. I plan to go for a run tomorrow to get to know the city, get lost, and meet some wonderful people.

I have signed up for the Edinburgh Rock n’ Roll Half-Marathon and the Madrid Marathon in April and hope to train for them during this time. I have always wanted to run on all the continents (maybe not Antarctica)  so I thought this opportunity abroad would be the best way to get a start on it. But as many people know,”life is what happens whilst your busy makin’ plans”, so I will see how it goes.

A few notes: (1)Coffee is expensive here! (2) Cereal is expensive here! (3) Do not tip like an American ( basically they do not tip as much here)

Advice: Live in Darroch–why you may ask? Well the rooms are a really good size, you have 3-5 flatmates, the kitchen is big and equipped (comes with a kettle), it is relatively close to major stores, and is a reasonable price. Here are some pictures!


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