Way to Start the New Year

Hi guys!  I hope everyone is starting off the new year right!

I am actually getting ready to head out of the DF-dubb.  (Dallas/Ft. Worth)  I have a flight to catch in like 3 hours.
I was absolutely nervous, am nervous…and kind of had a major freak-out last night.  Haha.  However, off I go…packed off with The Da Vinci Code and homemade meatbuns.

This is a start of a grand adventure!!!   I’ll update more when I hit Korea.

Update:   This has been the most hectic adventure I have ever been on.  Usually my adventures involve me being lost for an hour or so or taking detours.  This adventure has been something else.  I spent 14 hours on a very uncomfortable plane and then an additional 6 hours from Seoul to Bangkok.

When I arrived in Bangkok, I almost had a freak out because my atm card did not work and there was no way I could find a way to contact anybody.  My phone didn’t work and my laptop was near death.  However, I got a taste of Thai hospitality when I came across this family that tried to help me use the phone to contact my bank.  When I couldn’t do that, they offered to take me home and let me stay until they could take me to Thammasat.  I mean I felt nervous about going home with random strangers but even still they helped me out.  I didn’t have a phone card or money and that family helped me out so much.  They gave me like tons of coins and baht to eat at the airport and even went out of their way to buy me a phone card.  I was lucky enough to run into Sergio (another UT student doing the exchange with me) but that family seriously will always be people I will remember.

The sim card doesn’t work on my phone but when I finally get a phone running, I am definitely calling them and thanking them again in my broken Lao and will try to pay them back for all the kindness they showed me today.  Currently tucked away safely at Amarin Mansion with Sergio, but needless to say, my first adventure outside of the country has been a memorable one.


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