Counting Down to Thailand

This is my first official post about studying abroad.

As you might have guessed, I will be studying abroad in Thailand.  It will be the first time I have ever left the country and let me tell you that the preparation for this whole exchange has been one crazy whirlwind of stuff.

I literally had this planned out a year ago and now it’s finally happening.

I just sent out my application for my visa to the Royal Thai Embassy yesterday and I am so nervous that it won’t get back to me before I’m heading out for Bangkok.  I am leaving for Bangkok in less than a month and I suppose for some reason it hasn’t really just hit me yet. I thought it felt real the moment I bought my plane ticket but nope, still surreal.  I suppose I will just have to wait for the moment when I actually step onto the plane and actually set foot on Thai soil.

I am done with finals and so now the only thing I have to really worry about is what am I going to take to Thailand with me and other Thai related things, such as, whether or not the flooding has gotten any better.

Other than that, I know I have a bunch to look forward to.  Like the fact that I can probably end up staying at a condo for around $300/mo. and ride a ferry to school.  And all the cheap-o food and shopping I’m planning to do.  My friends have been talking about working out over the break, but I plan to do some Thai kick-boxing abroad.

I was really lucky this year and ended up with two Thai exchange student through PALS and got to know them pretty well.  In fact, one of them invited me to his aunt’s Thai restaurant here in Austin for lunch (his treat) and it was absolutely delicious!  My mouth is salivating as I think about it now.  And when I arrive in Bangkok, I plan on hanging out with the other Thai exchange student.

…wow, I ended up writing a lot more than I planned.  I guess, I’m just super excited and my fingers started to babble.  Oh well, I’ll write a bit more when the fact that I’m going to be leaving very soon starts hitting me again.



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