Eight days is all I have left here, and let’s just say every time I think of that I want to cry. This semester has truly been such an amazing experience. I mean how many students can say “Yup I studied abroad and got to travel for 5 months”, no biggie. Looking back I don’t think I would of changed much apart from maybe not trying, as much of a variety of food during the first month, being sick was no fun.

I think the part I will miss the most about this experience will be all the friends I have made. I mean this semester I learned more German than Thai… I can’t believe I have to leave all of them. But then again I have friends back home that I’m looking forward to seeing again. BUT I DONT WANT TO LEAVE!!! My friends and I all kid around that once we leave it’s going to be back to reality. I don’t think ive been stressed once this semester over school. (Apart from presentations but that’s because I have stage fright). That’s not something I can say about UT. The most stressed ive had this semester actually was registering for classes next semester cause I couldn’t find a place that had wifi on the island we were at and because of the time difference my registration started at 11pm. I ended up registering at a bar…

These past 5 months have been like a vacation for me. Classes are fun, but the social life is more fun. Travelling was amazing. I started this trip having 14 countries on my list…I know, a little too optimistic. But ive been to Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand, which I think, isn’t too bad. When I asked my friends back home what they’ve been up to the normal response is “studying” while mine might be ” I was in Cambodia for a week…” Life is sooo chill here.

So enough with this depressive talk, I’m excited about seeing my friends back home and eating some meat that doesn’t look suspicious and being able to eat without praying that I wont get sick. I’m making Thai food sound a lot worse than it actually is. But the meat does sometimes look questionable.. I’m also weirdly looking forward to going back to classes next semester…. WEIRD. It just might take a while for me to get back in the groove. I’m not saying that school here is a joke, it’s just that I only have classes once a week and it s a lot more laid back.

So I made a list of the things I will miss the most:

1. My Amigos… I don’t want to say goodbye

2. My uniform…I know that at the beginning of the semester I might of not liked it

3. The prices…OMG what am I going to do when I get back?!!! my meals cost anywhere from $1-2 and taxi rides $2-5 . how am I going to get that price in Texas? oh and street food?

4. Pad Thai, Cashew Nut chicken, Chicken fried rice with a Thai omelet. those are probably my favorite and consistent meals in Thailand.

5. Travelling…enough said. For some reason planning a trip to San Antonio doesn’t sounds as good as Angkor Wat.

6. The Thai people.

Alrighty well I guess this is probably my last post of the semester. I really wish I could stay here longer I mean time has flown by. Orientation seems like it was just a month ago… but during these 5 months ive visited 5 countries, rode an elephant, went snorkeling with a shark, made amazing friends, survived a flood, travelled all over Thailand, went on a hot air balloon, went tubing in Laos (for those of you who haven’t you should be very jealous), ITS BEEN AMAZING!!!!!


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