In 2003, the mayor of Berlin was quoted saying “Berlin ist arm, aber sexy.” (“Berlin is poor, but sexy.”) It’s a catchy thing to say, but it really suits the city so well. Berlin is still working past it’s crazy history, but it is undeniably hip. I wouldn’t call Berlin a pretty city–the city has been hit by so much war and conflict that there aren’t a lot of old elegant European buildings left. It has a completely different vibe than a city like Vienna, which feels like the epitome of European elegance. Berlin is multicultural, young, artsy and creative.

A few weeks ago my brother visited me from Texas. We spent a few days together in Prague, and then took a weekend trip to Berlin. Berlin is about 5 hours by bus and a definite must-visit.

First thing we did in Berlin: bike tour! Berlin is flat and has bike lanes on the sidewalks all over the city. Berliners bike everywhere, and biking is really a great way to see the city.

My bro ready for the bike tour!
Our bike tour guide at the Humboldt Box
Bike Berlin!
Tour guide explaining the division of Germany between the East and West
Checkpoint Charlie was the site of a crossing point on the Berlin Wall
Checkpoint Charlie recreated for tourists
Old part of the Berlin Wall
Watchtower at the Berlin Wall
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
The Brandenburg Gate
Hotel where Michael Jackson held his baby out the window (obviously an extremely important historical site)
Scenic route through the parks of Berlin
TV Tower
Graffiti on old pieces of the Berlin Wall
With one of the Berlin Buddy Bears

Berlin is known for its street art. One of the most famous spots in the city is the East Side Gallery, which is a collection of paintings made on the Berlin Wall in 1990.


A few other pieces of art on the streets:

That’s all for now. Auf Wiedersehen!


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