So last week I went to Singapore!! It was really really different from any other Asian country ive been to. It was also a different type of travelling style. I went there to meet up with my dad for his work. We stayed in a nice hotel which was awesome, but not what ive been used to this semester. Singapore for me was just like any other western country, maybe a little bit more high tech. They have really cool ways of running their country/city. So my dad and I went to the Marina Bay hotel to have breakfast on Saturday and the view from up there was amazing! Then we walked around, went to a couple museums and went to an orchid show…. (Not my idea). It was somewhat of a shock for me when I got there cause nothing is cheap, well cheap compared to Thailand. I was taking a taxi for 10 mins and had to pay around S$9!!!! In Thailand if you’re going to pay that much you better be in that cab for at least 30mins! The food was amazing though! I got to go to business dinners with my dad and OMG I don’t think I ate fried rice or a pad Thai once that week! We had amazing seafood! Chili Crab, Pepper Crab…. yum.

My last day there, I met up with Phil!!! The last time I had seen him was at his going away party in Austin! He showed me around Little India and Arab Street and we had a blast. It was really nice to talk to him and get his perspective on his experience in Singapore. Anyways I know this is a short post but I can’t write more right now…

WAIT! I forgot to say that classes have started back up! Our classes had been cancelled for the past 5-6 weeks and I had my first class (right now). The only downside to class starting again is that we have to cram in half a semester in less than 3 weeks…. Meaning that today I have 12 hours of class, 8 tomorrow…but we did get to travel for 6 weeks so I guess that’s okay. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the pictures….

One more thing, I coming back to the US in less than a month!!! I don’t want to go back!!!


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