I am still in love with Thailand!

So I just realized that I haven’t written an entry in a while. I’ve been really busy with life(not class). So here are the highlights of the past few weeks:


-I volunteered at an orphanage in Bangkok and it was amazing! This other exchange student organized a weekly orphanage visit and I joined. I got to play with little three year old children. They are all so cute, and I wish I could adopt all of them. I mean Thai children are probably the cutest in the world. We went there for two hours and once I got there and sat down on the floor, I was swarmed by little kids wanting my attention. It was so much fun. We also got to feed them lunch which that was quite an experience. They all sat in a line and you spoon feed each child one at a time. But they eat so fast! They kept opening their mouths for more, but I felt like I was drowning them in food… Anyways that was a great experience


-This week was midterm week. I’m only taking four classes here and I only had one midterm this Thursday. I think I did okay, I made flashcards to study. The examination process is pretty interesting though. First off, you have to be in complete uniform for them to let you enter the room. And then, my test was supposed to be from 5-8pm so like a little good student I got there 10 minutes early and sat down at my designated seat. At UT, if an exam says it starts at 5pm, it starts at 5pm and not earlier. Well I was just sitting there, and I saw the Thai students starting and I kept telling myself :”omg, are they trying to cheat? What is going on?” , but no, in Thailand, examination periods are the only time things ever start early. The test went well and it took me about an hour to finish it. I just hope I got a good grade….


-Today I volunteered for the flood victims in northern Thailand. A group of exchange students and I went to this bank where they were making rice bags for the families up north. We stayed there about an hour and a half and filled out SOO many bags of rice. The floods are getting closer and closer to Bangkok. Already I can see that the piers are flooded, and even restaurants close to the river. It’s supposed to get worst this week.


So yeah those are the highlights of the past few weeks. I’m going to Pattaya this weekend and that should be really fun!!! Oh Pattaya is a beach town but we’re actually taking a ferry from there to Koh Larn( an island). I’m super excited!!!


One last comment: I’M GETTING SOOOO TIRED OF RICE!!! When I first came here I was so excited to be able to eat thai food. But after your 50th pad thai or chicken fried rice….it kind of gets old… I am craving so Rudy’s BBQ or quesadillas from Chuys…. Okay enough with the complaining!!! I LOVE THAILAND!!!


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