Last week was probably the best week so far. I went to Cambodia and i honestly can’t name any other place on earth that i like more than Cambodia. We left on the 5:55 am train on friday morning to the border…the train didnt actually leave till 8am(thai time..), and we got to the border around 2pm i think. Then we took a tuk tuk to the border. Getting across the border wasn’t all that hard, the visas didnt take long. Once across the border, we took a taxi to Battanbang(2 hours). This town was really nice and quiet although we didn’t get to visit it too much cause we were so tired from our trip. The next morning we took a boat from Battanbang to Siem Reap(about 6 hours). It was the prettiest trip ever. We got to see whole villages in the middle of this river. What i like most about it was seeing how the river community lives.

Once at Siem Reap, we took a tuk tuk to our hotel. We based this trip on Lonely planet which told us to get bikes to go see Angkor Wat. That night we took our bikes to the temples to buy our tickets and we wanted to see the sunset…i started pouring right after we go there. We waited about an hour till the rain stopped and this couple that live in Cambodia took us back to our hotel with their pick up truck. They said that it was too dangerous for us to be riding our bikes at night with no lights. I was very thankful.

The next morning we all got up at 4am to leave for the temples by bike so we could see the sunrise. At 4am in the morning…i was not a happy camper on that bike. Once we got there it was amazing. The sunrise was so beautiful and it turned different colors. We then visited the temples all around till about 1pm when all of us were ready to pass out. I honestly haven’t ever seen so many temples in one place and so many amazing ones. We visited temples that had trees on top of them and those were breath taking. They all look like they must of taken years to built.

Another reason why this trip was great was because everyone in cambodia(to my experience) talks english. Even the little children on the street who are trying to sell you stuff. It’s amazing. Also, one of the things i miss here in Thailand from the US in customer service…and Cambodia probably has better customer services than the US. Everyone was so nice here and the people were so willing to help. Anyways i hope the pictures give you a little understanding of how AMAZING cambodia was.

Oh and I bought a Hammock there!!!!


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