Lopburi!! City of Monkeys!

I any of you have ever seen the jungle book and the part where the kid is in the monkey temple then all i have to say is that Lopburi is exactly like that scene…full of monkeys. Lopburi is a city about three hours(by train) from Bangkok and a couple of my friends and i decided to go there over the weekend. As always, the train ride there can get pretty boring but at least you have a lot of train vendors selling you weird food that tends to taste really good.

Once we got to Lopburi, it was pouring and we had to find a hostel to stay in. It took about 20 minutes to find one and lets just say i paid less than $3 for one night. Try finding a room like that in Austin for that price. That night(friday) we just went out for food and drinks and we saw a bunch of monkeys climbing apartments. which sidenote: most of the hotels have gates around them almost like prisons so that the monkeys cant come in…ours didnt.. The night was pretty chill and we ended up just playing cards and going to bed surprisingly early. The next morning i woke up and no joke, there were at least 15 monkeys outside my window(thankfully it was closed!!!). ive never seen so many monkeys in one place apart from a zoo.

That day we just walked around and visited temples and historically monuments and theres one in particular that i want to talk about. I don’t know the name of the temple but i am going to name it the monkey temple. There were at least a HUNDRED monkeys at that temple. Rewinding a little, Hannah(girl from germany, amazing friend), had bought some springs rolls at a street vendor before we stumbled across this monkey temple and the minute we got there a monkey attacked her and stole the food(no worries she was not hurt). Obviously after this incident our group was not as excited about the monkeys as we were before. It was amazing though, seeing that many monkeys roaming around freely around a city. Anyways, the next incident happened when Justine(french girl, amazing friend as well), got attacked by one. The monkey grabbed her necklace and it almost seemed like he was shocking her. Thankfully, she did not get hurt. she probably hates monkeys now though….i dont blame her. Manu(guy from Germany…i think, visiting for 2 weeks) and i were the only ones who did not get attacked!! YAY!! After those little incidents we decided to call it a trip and head back home.

Lopburi is a very quiet town that’s overrun with monkeys. Apparently the locals have a hard time with them. I don’t blame them…

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Oh and im going to Cambodia on friday!!!



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